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August is LUA holiday season, we’re all planning our escapes to sunshine and adventure, but even as I contemplate my own flight, I’m thinking what a privilege and joy it is to work in the arts. I’m wildly looking forward to the holiday, but part of me is already anticipating the return and the exciting prospect of our next LUA project. There are plans for a series of workshops following a live performance event in Salisbury Arts Centre on 28th November (make an early note of the date on your calendar!).
Before I go there will just be time to take home our LUA fish from the Homegrown exhibition which ends on the 17th August, and time to prepare the September/October newsletter. In order to include reviews of Unlimited 2014 it will be with you a little later than usual.
I will be away when it does come out; also, to my dismay, away when Unlimited 2014 makes its big splash at the Southbank Centre, September 2 – 7.
I’m expecting the lovely people from the LUA team to be there, camping out for the week not to miss a single moment (Hayley, is that you?). And I’m expecting some write-ups plus feedback, so I can indulge in vicarious enjoyment and celebration of this important occasion.
Do go if you get the chance, and do tell us about it; other LUA readers who cannot get there would love to hear about your experience. And of course I will want to know all the details about what I will be missing!

Like a pregnancy, Unlimited grows
with a sense of anticipation. This
second child will emerge without fanfares
of Olympic proportions; without the
international attention bestowed
by visitors to games of another
culture. The head is crowning when public
empathy, when solidarity with
diversity and disability
is in free-fall. It may be up to us,
the family, to give this birth all the
attention and celebration that proud
people rejoice to offer a new life.
Hope around which family, friends, lovers
and neighbours might meet to build a future.
A future of respect and attention.