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Our Tales: Unveiled

This exciting Lottery funded programme features a double-bill by disabled artists Liz Porter and Penny Pepper, showcasing extracts from their new one-woman shows ‘Learning to See’ and ‘Lost in Spaces.’ The evening will end with a Q&A.
It will be followed up by a series of Creative Storytelling and Poetry & Performance workshops where the artists will work with participants, introducing different techniques for exploring personal stories and heritage.

Liz Porter’s ‘Learning to See’ directed by Mark C. Hewitt, uses a mix of animated video sequences and live performance, to explore her journey living with visual impairment. The piece touches on issues of identity and acceptance/non-acceptance, peer pressure, equality, miscommunication and perceptions of disabled people and the whole idea of ‘learning to see’.

Penny Pepper’s ‘Lost in Spaces’ is part memoir and an exploration of identity and difference. Through memories and personal concerns, the piece links to the universal – from corresponding with Morrissey and fighting Maggie Thatcher in the 80s, to current battles with the government’s harsh austerity measures – pushing her into an examination of the human condition at a time of considerable personal and public turmoil.

Tickets on sale from mid-December

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