Gini’s February Blog

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Friday evening looms ever closer. The excitement and fear are building. The evening performance with Liz Porter and Penny Pepper will herald the start of a series of workshops aimed at empowering people to share their own stories.

When the idea was still new, I offered to share a story that is mine, but not just mine. There was some initial confusion as I usually read or perform poetry, but this was a prose piece.

I write both, with a lot of enthusiasm. I write essays that make some small attempt to set the world to rights. The world, that is, as it appears to me; the world I’m trying to make some sense of.

‘Vinterblik’ is about dying, it’s about the last story, the one you don’t actually get to tell for yourself; the one that continues to exist as part of someone else’s story.

It’s about that thing that will happen to us all; the unspoken, perhaps unacknowledged, fact that each one of us will confront in our own uniquely individual way.

It is a quiet look at the process of dying, written in a time when our society is obsessed with legislation; with corralling everything about life and death into the neat and orderly confines of the law. It will be a difficult tale to share; hence the build up of fear.

Liz and Penny will be leading the weekend workshops that follow on from the performance evening. I’ve never seen either of them in action, but even at this distance, I feel the life and energy that marks each unique one-woman performance radiating from their publicity material and reviews; hence the excitement.

Come and see us, or come to the workshops. Better still, do both.

We all have stories to tell; each and every one of us sees the world through a unique set of circumstances that influence our journey and our perception of who we are.

Each person is a unique version of a human being, together we make up humanity.


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