Gini’s blog – Our Tales: second workshop Storytelling with Liz Porter

‘The best way to learn is when you are enjoying what you are doing so much you don’t notice how time flies.’ Einstein said that, and I’m utterly happy to repeat it after our second storytelling workshop with Liz Porter. Where did the day go?

The number of participants had grown since week one, but Liz was able to include and integrate them into the group without neglecting the development of those storytellers expecting more.

And Liz is one of those rare gifted people who really do relate to where you are in your practice and has that inner clarity of vision to encourage you to grow and to challenge yourself.

The morning passed with examples of Liz’s brilliant storytelling and games that stretched our imaginations as we got to know each other and our individual talents.

Lunch, brought up from Salisbury Arts Centre Cafe, refreshed us all while we laughed and chatted our way through the break.

In the afternoon session we were given the opportunity for positively challenging and encouraging each other as we practiced our evolving skills – a process that helped us remember and assimilate what we were learning. It was also a great confidence booster.

We have homework for our final session next Saturday; I believe we are all excited by our individual challenges and very much looking forward to it.


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