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Gini’s blog – Our Tales: Unveiled / Worth Fighting For

Oh my! Saturday is almost upon us and the final ‘Our Tales Unveiled’ workshop (in this round) is almost taking my by surprise.
Penny Pepper is coming to Salisbury Arts Centre Saturday 23 May to lead it, inspired by the topic: ‘Worth Fighting For’
Just up Penny’s street I hear people say – I’ve not met her, but I’m excited.

‘Worth Fighting For’ is the inspiration for (SAC) Salisbury Arts Centre’s annual Homegrown Exhibition, an event LinkUpArts is proud to be part of.
As well as the work by core LUAN artists, LUA also supports and encourages work by various artists including Kingfisher Poets. This year’s Kingfisher entry for Homegrown is ‘House of Cards’ a pack of playing cards to literally play with.
The Kingfishers’ (a self-funded group of poets/writers supported by SAC) ‘House of Cards’ is jam-packed with verses supporting the arts in general and SAC in particular; we all agree that the recent shocking cuts to SAC funding (by Wiltshire Council) require protest and action. SAC is most definitely Worth Fighting For!

Actually putting pen to paper on a topic that personally means so much and then putting the work out there feels quite scary. Different. I write and present quite personal stuff that can leave me feeling temporarily vulnerable, but I manage it with a little creative ‘distance’.
When something is really Worth Fighting For distance is not an option.
I’m hoping to get some insights on Saturday…

I’m really looking forward to Penny Pepper’s workshop and to catching up with the other participants sharing the journey so far…

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