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Gini’s blog: Life and Work

An extract from Gini’s latest blog. To see the full version click


I am in the process of making me.
It is my aim never to finish.
I began in rush, and with such an
innocent idea of who I might be,
but someone kept moving the goalposts and
it took me an age to know that someone
was me.
Now breathless in the freefall,
the rush of time drowning out
perspective as I nose dive
so close to the embrace
of solid ground, removes all
certainty from where I am
and who I might aspire to;
unpicks the construct that was
going to be me, but now
badly fitting, is way, way
too small to cope with shades of
green and grit, with death and pain,
the vulnerability
of opening my heart; the
sheer astonishment of this
And the mess
the utter mucky chaos
as all my bits of rubrics cube
spill across the floor.
Random spaces,
unplanned; lacking the elegance
of balance, or the slightest hint
of design – or control – or
evidence of a masterplan
that would indicate
progression –
the path
to success –
the flower garden
filled only with fragrance;
a frozen perfection to hide
my imperfect shape,
lack of foundations
and the still clumsy,
still questing

Stretched thin
between worlds,
tiptoed out on the faint line
where life and death exist
unbearably, exquisitely close
is the privilege of love
without which I would
never find the courage
to balance here
in this luminosity
of being, not waiting,
just being.
In trust.