Inaccessible Access

2016 – 2017


Following on from the pilot scheme with LinkUpArts if you are interested in Equality Diversity and Inclusion training. Or have a building that requires an Access Audit. Please contact




LinkUpArts are running a pilot project which will provide Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training through the arts to local businesses, other organisations and individuals from any background. We aim to facilitate a shift in thinking and begin a conversation specifically around Disability Equality in Salisbury.

To launch this new training service, we secured funding and provided three Disability Equality Training workshops, held at Salisbury Arts Centre

This will include topics such as the social model, stereotypes, and the law, as well as an opportunity to talk freely and ask questions that are relevant to you or your organisation and possible ways to address them.

These workshops are for everyone who would like to know more about the subject.

Access Audits:
LinkUpArts are offering four free Access Audits to organisations in Salisbury

Access Audits allow you to establish how well a building or environment performs in relation to access and eases of use by a wide range of potential users. It will also provide a number of recommendations for any improvements needed.

For more information or to book an Access Audit email Hayley Davies at