May – August 2017


The Project

LinkUpArts were awarded funding from ‘Awards for All’ to run ‘Travels’ – a story-telling project which ran from May – August 2017.

Building on the success of recent projects: ‘Our Tales: Unveiled’ and ‘Your Place, Your Time’, ‘Travels’ offered a longer, in-depth, progressive and inclusive storytelling programme. Designed to provide increased creative variety to the participants and to facilitate a long-term community group, ‘Travels’ encouraged individuals to explore and address social issues and isolation, and encouraged sharing of stories within the community.

Video: ‘Travels’ (with AD and Subtitles)

Film: Mike Petitdemange


‘Travels’ workshops were led by professional artists, story-tellers and communicators.  Workshop leaders covered different aspects of storytelling including ‘The Art of Storytelling’ (Sophie Partridge), ‘Creative Writing’ (Allan Sutherland), ‘Publishing’ (Penny Pepper) ‘Script Writing’ (Angie Street), ‘Poetry’ (Becci Louise) ‘Movement’ (Michele O’Brien) and ‘Devising’ (Jamie Beddard), and ‘Performance skills’ (Tam Gilbert).


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Photography: Mike Petitdemange


The Art of Storytelling Workshop


Drawings: Deborah Caulfield


Travelling with Linda: A participants’ journey

I want to write something witty & humorous to share my learning from 6
very different, yet link-ed & magical weeks. Sophie Partridge had us laughing & thinking about being a Strawberry. It was amazing the differences which each of us came up with, I found my naughty school girl & she enjoyed Sophie’s use of language & her
friendly inclusive manor, she was amazing!

Penny Pepper brought out the even naughtier school girl & we had a good giggle at the same time as learning how powerful words can be & liberating too, I’m afraid my silliness & humour wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so good job I was more staid for Allan Sutherland‘s story construction & deconstruction, fascinating how good stories can grab & hold your interest.

Angie’s was the week I wrote a very long poem & we talked about play writing, it was so good we (Gini & I) wanted more! Angie gently took the anxiety out of writing, instead of trying to be a ‘writer’ it felt okay to just write.

Then we had a poet Becci Louise a real life poet, poetry had been a scary subject & I’d only ever made limerick grade (if that) in school so daunting, but she was kind, caring & so patient, I ended up penning a very deep & personal pain poem, which helped me through stuff I was going through at home so thank you very much for that, it was really helpful & good, laid to rest my poetry phobia too.

The sixth week with Michele O’Brien and Jamie Beddard, we talked through some very personal things & used movement to map where we felt we were, I enjoyed the session very much but was glad I left early it was quite tiring, though also fun in a profoundly meaningful way as we used a ‘would I lie to you’ type questioning to find out who was telling the truth, one truth 3 versions.

Then Tam Gilbert took us through some movement & expression techniques, some I found quite empowering though I’m still not body confident enough to express much, it was good to see the way confidence can enhance performances & belief in oneself is absolutely necessary to be convincing.

I loved it all & think LinkUpArts is brilliant for putting on the 7 workshops, well worth attending! Thankyou!!!

By Linda


Movement & Devising Workshop


Artists: Jamie Beddard & Michele O’Brien

Workshop Leaders

Artists: Michele O’Brien & Jamie Beddard in conversation

Workshop Leader

Artist: Michele O’Brien demonstrating

Workshop 2

Artist: Michele O’Brien leading a workshop


Participant performing


Participants say…

“Telling my story was really empowering and positive.”

“It was very odd. But wanted to revisit. At first was reluctant, but thought it is time to say or tell my story.”

“Brilliant! Would love some more!”

“It was a well organised day.”


Performance Skills Workshop

Workshop Leader and Participant

Artist: Tam Gilbert with participant

Participants mirroring

Participants in ‘mirroring excersise’

Participant rehearsing

Participant rehearsing

Participant performing

Participant performing



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