About LinkUpArts


LinkUpArts (LUA) is the Disability Arts organisation for Salisbury and South Wiltshire.  It is formed of a core group of disabled artists, and others who are involved or interested in        Disability Arts. It is based at, and works closely with Salisbury Arts Centre to support          disabled artists, create opportunities to share and show work, promote high quality           Disability Arts to a wider audience and distribute information.

LinkUpArts is a disability-led organisation and has a committee elected from members and  supporters. The committee leads on structure and development with artistic direction      coming from long-term associate artist, Gini.

We hold regular informal networking events called Cafe LUA at 2pm on the second      Wednesday of every month (except August) at Salisbury Arts Centre cafe. This is a good      opportunity for people with an interest in the arts to get together, encourage each other, and chat about arts and culture from a disability perspective.

LUAN, is our LinkUpArtists’ Network, a region-wide group of disabled artists forging a career in the arts. We run occasional networking events in and outside of Salisbury and projects     including exhibitions and symposia.

We always welcome new members to LUA and welcome enquiries to:



LinkUpArts Constitution

LUA Privacy Notice



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